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An idea is a photograph that can be used for inventing, a scoop is a much rarer they are important elements for the photography mechanic in Dark Cloud 2. Dark cloud 2 beginning with all scoops ideas and inventions. Nate Mcgoo. Add to Game. Dark Chronicle. For Dark Cloud 2 on the PlayStation 2, Photography/Invention Guide When you have new ideas or scoops, select the arrow and press X, and. While the bullet is travelling, get the camera out and snap the pic while it's unfolding. Dark Cloud 2 - Game intro Added on: Palm Brinks, two large wheels with cargo area between them and two long handles Cedric's Shop Sign [Chapter 1] Used in: Good for long and curved shots. Max's House, Max's room Dresser [Chapter 1] Used in: Kazarov Stonehenge Kazarov Stonehenge Take a picture of the central monument in Kazarov Stonehenge. Gold Store Weapon Shop in Palm Brinks Next to Show Window in wall. Underground Channel, with eye open to shoot missile Scoop Memo: As soon as you beat tipicp. Happens automatically if placed in Active Item Ridepod Fuel Lune Stone Shards Mud Stardust Pond Refuels the Ridepods Energy Pack Samurai Arm III Deer Horn Moon Column Weapon Ridepod Arm Sexy Panther Elanas Portrait Flower Bathed in Light Rifle Outfit for Monica Treasure Key Sun Chamber Gate Keeper Golden Door Labyrinth Door Opens locked chests without worrying about traps Triple Urn Pack Flower Chandelier Light of Luna Stone Pot Ridepod Energy Pack Twin Buster Flower Chandelier Juraks Nose Rifle Gun for Max Nova Cannon IV Flotsam Revived Pot Torch The Sun Ridepod Dark cloud 2 scoops Samurai Arm IV A Surviving Soldier Flotsam Revived Legend of the Moon Ridepod Arm.

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Powders Recovery items Throwing items Weapon attachments Gemstones Power up items Materials. Look on the desk. You'll need to be quick. Puppet Shingala - Time of scoop: Catch one of them Molers up in the air a rare sight indeed. Stand on the pier by the un manned boat where you recruited Fabio earlier in the game. Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. Lots of charts, details, and even a nice section on "ultimate" weapons. This is NOT the same as the Fire Gem Altar! Underground Channel, during spinning attack Scoop Memo: Starlight Canyon, when rolling towards you Scoop Memo: Jurak Mall, in front of Mushroom Burgers Neo-Projector [Chapter 4] Used in:

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Dark Cloud 2 part 20 Sewer Scoops The Ultimate Gaspard Mt Gundor Mouth When you reach the base of the volcano, take a picture of the transformed Gaspard. This guy comes spinning at you at top speed, trying to knock you down! Aim your camera just behind that rock at some point after midnight and look for that white haze as you click the shutter. Has 18 points of defense. Fighting Boss, flame demon Ultimate Gaspard. This is NOT the same as the Wind Altar!

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