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The only option that allows you to choose the order of swimlanes is when using " Queries". All the other swimlanes options are sorted out automatically by JIRA. Solved: Hi everybody, i'm evaluating JIRA Agile and i'm looking how i could group issues in swimlanes. I would like to group the issues of a. A swimlane is a means of categorising issues so that agile teams can see which issues they should work on next. JIRA Agile provides: Vertical categorisation of. Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Note that only the administrator of a board or a person with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission can configure a board's swimlanes. Assignee, story, priority are obviously useful examples, but you can do almost anything with JQL. Change the name of a swimlane Click in the Name area of the swimlane, modify the existing name and click the Update button. Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Partner Champion Jul 26, The Future of JIRA Agile Migrating from Classic Boards. By default, two swimlanes will be created: Hey Michael, If each client is a project, why don't you create a client field and set filters see Mathias Liefkes comment below? Arthur Goncalves Aug 04, Ryan Bowse Dec 15,

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How to use the Backlog in Swimlanes If you've already registered, sign in. A sort of 'backlog' for each column. One JQL query per swimlane see below for examples. If you can answer me that I can give you a better idea of how to see some more results! You can add and remove columns to set up the board as you want it, then choose the issue statuses that they correspond to within your workflow. Using the Sprint Burndown Gadget Using the Days Remaining in Sprint Gadget Using the Wallboard Gadget Using the Sprint Health Gadget Using the Version Report Gadget. But if you've got large cross-project boards, a swimlane for project probably isn't kostenlose paysafecard codes useful, as opposed to assingee or story. Spaces Browse Pages Blog Labels Mail Space Jira swimlanes Scroll Viewport. Your new swimlane is added in the top swimlane position. Dobroslawa Wierzbicka Feb 20, I guess what is confusing me is that by default, there is a "Done" swim lane, and by default there is a "closed" status for an issue in Jira. One parent issue per swimlane i. I don't know what your workflow looks like, but here's an example that comes to mind, say with three columns, each contating two statuses: Have a question about this article? Delete a swimlane Click the ' Delete ' button at the right of the swimlane. Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Suggest an answer Log in or Register to answer. If you forget one, you'll need to delete and start over.

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